Do I need to make an appointment or can I just walk in?

We are not accepting walk-in clients at this time. You will need to call or text us at 412.521.2230 to book an appointment in advance. Sometimes, same day appointments are available.

If I am running late will I be able to keep my appointment?

If you know you are running behind we would appreciate a call. Depending on how late you are we may need to shorten or re-schedule your appointment. However, we will do our best to accommodate you and your service needs if at all possible.

How long will my appointment last?

You will receive a confirmation email the day before your appointment with your stylists name, services to be provided, and approximate timeline. Your appointment may take longer than the listed timing, or may be completed faster depending on the result of a detailed consultation with your stylist. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have time constraints on the day of your appointment. Of course, we try to complete everyone's service in a timely fashion while still taking great care to provide an excellent service experience.

Why can't you guarantee a price point over the phone?

We can always offer a range of prices based on your choice of stylist and your description of desired services. However, we cannot narrow down a price point until you have been to the salon for a thorough consultation with the stylist of your choice. This allows the stylist to analyze your hair and confirm your desired result and the services needing to be completed. If you are concerned about pricing, you are always welcome to book a free consultation with a stylist before booking your service. After consulting with the stylist, base prices may need to be increased due to hair density, length, and amount of product used.

What does the plus sign (+) mean when listed after a price point on your website?

The price listed is the base price, your price point will not be lower than this. However, the price of your service could be higher - prices with a + indicate that the price for the service is determined by hair density, length, and amount of product used. This price increase could apply to highlights, color, color corrections, up-dos, blow-dries, and some sugaring services. If you are concerned about your price point, please ask your stylist at the start of your service for an estimate of your total bill. We will not be able to narrow price points over the phone, before we have been able to analyze your hair and discuss your needs in person and in detail.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that sometimes emergencies necessitate a last minute cancellation. However, when possible we request 24 hour notice if you need to cancel an appointment. If appointments are cancelled on multiple occasions at the last minute, or if you simply do not show up we will suggest that your schedule lends itself better to being a same-day appointment here, rather than booked in advance.

What is a cancellation fee?

If you are booking a color service (full head of highlights, color correction, etc) that will run longer than 3 hours, we will require a credit card to keep on file. If you do not show up for your booked appointment, or if you cancel or reschedule with less than 24 hours notice we will charge the card on file a cancellation fee of $75.

Why do some of your services require a deposit?

If a service requires either a special supply order specific to a client (like for hair extensions) or it requires the booking of a very large portion of a stylists day (like for a wedding party) we require a deposit. This deposit is non-refundable and covers the salon and the stylist for lost income should the appointment be canceled. We require a 50% deposit for wedding parties, which will include a 20% gratuity. We require a 50% deposit for extension services plus a 100% deposit for the cost of the hair.

Do you offer a guarantee on your services?

We want all of our clients to be completely satisfied with their service here. We do not offer refunds, however, if you are having any issues with your cut or color please do give us a call within two weeks of your appointment. We will encourage you to stop back in so that we can remedy any concerns you are having. (We can only guarantee the fade-resistance of our color if you are caring for it with a shampoo and conditioner you have purchased from us.) Depending on the extent of time and product needed there may be an additional charge. We cannot guarantee a free fix - it will be at the stylists discretion. However, again, we do want our clients to be completely satisfied and will try our best to come to a resolution that works for everyone and leaves you feeling beautiful!

Do you offer a guarantee on your products?

We want all of our clients to be completely satisfied with our products as well! We only sell products we love, and we hope you will love them too. But, if you take a product home and you find that you just aren't loving it, for any reason, bring it back with-in one week. We will issue you a store credit which can be used on another product or a future service.


What is the difference between Junior, Senior, and Master level stylists?

Continuing education is important to us and our prices reflect the education level of the stylist and their years of experience. We believe that all of our stylists possess the skills and talent to cut anyone's hair, regardless of their pricing - we wouldn't hire them if we didn't. Pricing levels are like promotions - if you do a fabulous job, you deserve to receive greater compensation for your work.

What is the Curly Dry Cut?

This is a cut for wavy, curly, or super curly hair that is done while the hair is dry. This enables the stylist to see how each curl will fall, shaping the cut specifically for your personal curl pattern. The curly dry cut is only performed by certified curly hair specialists. This cut can be done on any type of curly hair, but is ideal for curls with varied curl pattern or for super curly hair. Because the cut is so customized it maintains a great shape for even longer, up to 12 weeks. If you have curly hair, but often straighten your curls, this is not the cut for you. You should arrive for this cut with curls down, completely dry, with minimal product, and in their natural state.

What is a detangling fee?

Please arrive for curly dry cuts with hair dry and detangled - we must be able to finger comb through your hair to cut it. If your hair is tangled we are happy to help, for a fee. We charge a time based detangling fee starting at $15 for 15 minutes. If you think you need help with your tangles, please let us know when booking your appointment so we have enough time for your full service.


How organic are your products? your haircolor?

At Tula Organic we strive to be as organic and as sustainable as possible, while providing services that are still effective. As an Aveda Family Salon and Spa, our products contain a high percentage of organic raw herbal ingredients and organic essential oils. Aveda permanent color is around 96% naturally derived ingredients. All Aveda products are free of parabens, EDTA, PPD, GMOs, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, VOCs, and petrochemicals. 99% of the products used here are also vegan friendly! Aveda's products are sustainably sourced, packaged in up to 100% post consumer recycled plastic, manufactured using 100% wind power, and never tested on animals. For more information visit Aveda.com. We also use Sukar brand sugaring paste as a 100% natural method of hair removal.

What is the difference between Balayage highlights and foil highlights?

Balayage is a French coloring technique that was developed in the 1970's. It is a freehand technique where the color is painted in a sweeping motion onto individual partings of hair. In fact, balayage is a French word meaning sweeping. The technique is suitable for all lengths of hair, and can be used to achieve many different effects from soft, natural highlights to bold bands of color. Balayage highlights are strategically placed without the use of foils, so each application is specifically tailored to individual cut and growth patterns. This hand brushed color never has a line of demarcation, so highlights will grow out naturally and gracefully!

What is the difference between color and highlights?

Color is typically applied all over to either just your root or to your entire head of hair. Highlights or lowlights result in the addition of dimension to your color by applying product to specific pieces or sections. Highlights are typically a higher price point than color and require additional time. Please ensure that you are requesting the appropriate service to meet your needs when scheduling your appointment. That way, we can accurately quote you a price range, and will allow enough time for your appointment. If you are unsure which service you will need we are here to help! Try to give as much information as possible when booking your appointment so we can guide you.

What constitutes a color correction? And why is there no price listed online?

A color correction involves a dramatic change in color over a large portion of your hair - either going from all-over dark to all-over light or the reverse. Depending on the condition of your hair, and how dramatic the shift in color desired this can be a very lengthy and hands-on process. It may even require more than one appointment to achieve your desired result. Because of this, we cannot offer a price point until we have seen you for a thorough consultation. Also, because of the complexity of the process, color corrections are priced per hour, at a higher price point than a regular color or highlighting service. After a thorough consultation your stylist will do their best to estimate your pricing.

If I get a bright, fashion color put into my hair, how long will it last?

Bright non-typical hair colors like pink and blue can be unpredictable in their longevity. Once hair has been lightened enough to let the true bright color shine through, it becomes difficult for the hair to hold on to the new bright color for a long period of time. We recommend in-frequent shampooing of the color, along with color safe products when the hair must be washed. We cannot guarantee how long these non-typical hair colors will last in your hair - they may even need touched up after just a few weeks.


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