Tula Tips: Sugaring

Sugaring is an all natural method of hair removal which utilizes a pliable paste made from sugar, lemon and water. Sugaring removes the entire hair shaft as well as the bulb with little to no breakage, leaving the skin soft, healthy and smooth for weeks. Waxing can cause breakage at skin level resulting in stubble regrowth or ingrown hairs.

This treatment is one of the least painful methods of removing unwanted hair, as sugar paste is kept at room temperature and will not adhere to the skin. This prevents the painful bruising, tearing and burning that can sometimes be associated with traditional waxing. Since sugar paste is natural and contains no chemicals or resins, it can be removed with water alone. Over time, regular treatments (every 3-4 weeks) result in a gradual diminishing of hair growth.

We ask that you do not shave or tweeze hair for seven days prior to treatment.

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